May 062013

Whatever special event it is this is the step to prep your skin.

  • Monday.Repair your skin.If you breakout from acne go to your dermatologist and request to inject your pimple.To reduce acne try salicylic acid treatment.
  • Tuesday.Brighten your skin. For example home remedy skin prep. Cut a lemon and prepare sugar.Scrub and exfoliate your face gently and wipe off with tissue.Lemons helps to brighten your skin.Do it at night onl.Problem with oily skin?Visit your derma to treat your oily skin problem or  use peeling mask or egg whites on your face.Moisturize your skin everyday.Use eyecream everyday for your delicate eyes.
  • Wednesday.Groom your brows.Do not pluck your brows on the day of your event.The reason why is your skin might be on irritation,redness.Gave your skin time to heal.
  • Thurs-Fri- Wax your hair legs.Don’t forget to apply aloe vera gel right after waxing to soothe your skin after painful waxing.You can go to beach as long you careful your skin to sun damage.Always use SPF before you go swimming.Hydrate your hair ,mask your hair.Find your makeup beauty inspiration from everywhere.
May 022013

SIGMA professional makeup brushes U.S.A
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ELF professional brushes
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