Guidelines for CLIENT: Your question might be a frequently asked question (FAQ) so read below to find an answer.

How much is your make up package rates for weddings, debut, graduation, entourage, prenup, engagement, prom etc.?
Do you do home service hair and makeup?

Yes! We do home service, hotel service ,condo service around Metro Manila .

Do you do out of town (OOT) /on location makeup services?

Yes! We do out of town or OOT / on location makeup services are welcome, but may require additional charges such as travel expenses, round trip plane tickets, accommodation, toll fees, parking fee etc., and such added expenses will be the responsibility of the client. I am willing to accommodate you on location. I am going to bring RSMA hair and  makeup team in any location you desire. There will be additional transportation fees outside Metro Manila.

How long the procedure makeup apply?

BRIDE : 45 minutes to 1 hour
Attendants/Entourage/Sponsor/Bridesmaids : 30-45 minutes
Flower girls: 15-30 minutes
Groom: 10 minutes

NOTE: Makeup application is longer if covering tattoos,blemishes and other skin discoloration.

What happen if someone wants their makeup done at the last minute? Can you accommodate?

Yes! If time permits, I will gladly do their hair and makeup service. Additional payment for hair and makeup service may apply.

Do you have tandem HMUA (hair stylist and makeup artist) team?

Yes,We are Hair and Makeup Artist Team! Depending on numbers of members of entourage/final head counts of people.

Do you give advice to your client?

Yes! During consultation,the Makeup Artist will offer an honest and generous advice as to how to improve and enhance clients facial appearance towards a more vibrant and fulfilling look for FREE.

Do you charge for initial meeting?

Initial Consultations are FREE and not charged at all.

Is the airbrush safe for the pregnant bride?

Yes! We ask that you hold your breath momentarily, close eyes and close mouth during the makeup procedure, the product is safe for expectant mothers as long as instructions are strictly followed.

Can you shave my hair on my lips?

Do have your face threaded. This may be painful, but it’s worth it! Tiny hairs cast shadows in photos that may look like dirt, and makeup does not stick on hair making your skin look flaky in photos and in person specially the lip area! Your face may get red after threading, so do this at least 1 week before your wedding.

My pimple are so visible. What should i do?

Should you get a visible pimple before your wedding, do not prick them, instead, have them injected by a professional dermatologist.

My eyebrows are so thick /thin what should I do?

Have your eyebrows trimmed/threaded/waxed around 3 days before the event.

Can i wear contact lenses?

Yes! Contact lenses must be inserted before makeup is applied.

Do you give discounts for your makeup services?

Yes! Depending on number of heads/members of entourage/numbers of attendants but for solo client standard makeup service rates applied.

What if I fully paid the bridal package and I decided to cancelled the booking? Can i have the refund of my payment?

Our Cancellation policy is as follows:

1. 50% reservation fee upon signing of contract (from date/ schedule blocking). Balance payable upon completion of services or on the day of the event.
2. In case of cancellation,50 % down payment for reservation is non- refundable,non- transferable.
3. As stated in the contract , all deposits will be forfeited in case of cancellations. As we have blocked the date for you, it will be an opportunity loss for us in such cases.


Please discuss about the payment ?

• For down payments we accept either cash or check. However for check payments we have to wait for the bank clearing before we finally block the date.
• Much better to pay cash for hassle free,stress free.
• For balances, which is due a week before the date, it has to be made in cash. If the client is paying in check, the payment should be made 2 weeks before the date to allow clearing time.

What if there’s only one client? Do you still consider to give discounts on your makeup services?

Professional makeup service standard rates applied. You may only get huge discount depending on number of client/member of entourage.

What is the advantage of Airbrush Makeup? Does it long last?

The airbrush makeup creating the illusion of perfect face resulting in a more natural look that cover skin imperfections effortlessly. Expect your makeup to last all day.

Is the airbrush harmful on my face? Is it safe to used? What if i inhale or swallow or it get into my eyes ?How many minutes the airbrush makeup done?

Yes! its hypo allergenic,water resistant and no known cosmetic side effects. Hold your breath momentarily while I am doing the airbrush makeup. Do not inhale the airbrush. Always close your eyes and mouth.

Do you do airbrush makeup service?

Yes! I am specialized in airbrush makeup service. Most of my wedding work has been done using airbrush because it creates flawless onto skin and it last all day.

How long will the makeup last?

I use good quality makeup brands.Expect your makeup to last all day.

Can you tweeze and shape my brows the day of my shoot/wedding?

Tweezing and shaping brows on the day of any photography event is not recommended .Many people are sensitive to waxed or tweezed brows for many hours after the service; some even have allergic reactions, especially when exposed to new products and methods of hair removal.

Do you do bridal hairstyle?

Yes! FREE bridal hairstyling if you avail our makeup service packages.

What should I bring with me the day of my makeup trial session?

1. Magazines
2. Tear-sheets of looks that may have captured your attention.
3. A picture/design of your wedding gown, jewelry, tiara.
4. Also, a list of your makeup preferences.


1. The makeup trial is the time when the future bride and the makeup artist meet prior to the wedding day. It is the time when the artist examines your features and skin complexion, creates and experiment a best bridal makeup look just for you, based on your personal style and skin complexion.
2. 3 Hour trial makeup free consultation.
3. Makeup trial is a must for every bride. It give you the freedom to tweak and perfect your final look beforehand.
4. The makeup artist shall consult with the client concerning matters relating to the specifications of the desired services and will make reasonable efforts to comply with requests and suggestions of the client to ensure that the services will achieve the desired results. The makeup artist will help you to achieve your dream bridal wedding makeup look.
5. If the bride has any concerns or questions about her makeup after her trial session, she should contact the makeup artist.
6. Home service, on location trial traditional HD makeup and free bridal hair styling without retouch (by appointment only)
7. Just prepare sample of your dream wedding hair and makeup peg. For example you can find various hair and makeup looks through online, magazines. Brainstorming with my team will help you identify the look that you wanted.
8. I recommend my brides to arrive clean face, dry hair. Bring your bridal hair accessories such as veil, tiara, hair clips etc.

Are eyelashes included in your makeup service?

Yes! It is included FREE false eyelashes application.

My wedding/event is next year. Should I book now?

It is better to book ahead of time. Booking earlier will secure your wedding date. We follow the first come first serve basis only.

I already made a down payment but I change my mind. Can I refund my payment?

Its non-refundable and non- transferable.

I made the down payment but not the minimum amount. Is my reservation valid?

We will hold your booking date for a maximum of 7 days until the remaining balance of your reservation is paid. Otherwise the said event will be opened and your down payment will be forfeited.

Is makeup trial included in the wedding package?

No. The makeup trial is not included in wedding/other event package. Additional charge may applied for makeup trial with FREE hair styling.

Do you stay to touch up the bride until she walk down the aisle?

Yes! with unlimited touch up

Can you accommodate large number of people including the bride (flower girls, groom, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, additional heads)

Yes! I will bring my team to come on location to you.

Do you have experience in acne,matured skin type?

Yes! I remember in my makeup training day i encountered a lot of models that has different skin type problem. Thanks to our mentor they taught us the best makeup techniques.

What happen if i cry or sweat?

Not to worry ladies all the makeup products I use are water proof/water resistant/long wear makeup.

What do you do on your spare time?

I am graduating Information Technology student. Yes I am working student and I am able to balance my time between work and studies. I am well traveled. I also not stop studying about the latest hair and makeup trends in order to make you BEAUTIFUL.

I want to have some treatment on my face, and body before my special day. Is that okay?

Yes! Please notify us if you have any changes of your hair, face and body. I suggest you do the treatment 1 mos or 2 weeks ahead before your wedding day. If you’re planning a cosmetic surgery like nose lift etc., then do it 6 to 3 months ahead time before your wedding date.

What preparation should I make on my special day?

Just relax, take a deep breath and smile.Remember this is your special day. For your hair I suggest to change your hair color into light color so it will look neat on the picture. Also use shampoo only with no hair conditioner or else the setting of your hairstyle with not last long. Dry hair is much preferred. Don’t wear makeup it just useless because I’m going to wipe off all the makeup product that you put in your face. Just arrive with a clean face. Have a facial maybe a week or two before, to ensure that skin looks and feels it best. Have eyebrows waxed or threaded about a week before.

Is there anything to avoid during special events?

Yes! There are several things to keep in mind. Do not use hair conditioner on the day it will not last longer if the hair is well condition. Avoid having eyebrows waxed the same day or the day before. Skin tends to get red and sometimes skin peels off after a wax, preventing you from looking your very best. Avoid going to a Aesthetician right before your wedding or special event. This is not the time to be experiment with a new styles or colors and you certainly do not want to risk having a breakout from a facial or having your eyebrows looking uneven from an inexperienced waxer. If you’re going to the beach do not put yourself in a position where you will get sunburned or dehydrated on your special day. Always use SPF to prevent sunburn.

I am Asian and my other bridesmaid are American, African, Chinese international beauty. Do you have makeup products that works will on their skin tone?

Yes! I am prepared and comfortable working women of all ages and ethnic groups. I have wide array of colors foundation shades that match to their skin tone.

I am Asian, I want my eyes looks bigger. Can you do that?

Yes! there is a makeup technique so your eyed could look bigger.

Do you do hair and makeup for weddings only? It seems your website based for wedding.

We are specialized in hair and makeup for weddings, print ads, photoshoots, TVC, prenup, engagement, graduation, birthdays, corporate events and other special events that needs makeup services.

My face is acidic, what makeup do you recommended?

Have you ever experience and notice that your makeup is turn darker after an hour of makeup application? Then you must be acidic. Please notify us if you are acidic on makeup cosmetics. We will going to test the cosmetic product first on your skin that's why makeup trial is very important. If your skin turn darker then we have to correct your foundation shades. The makeup application for acidic skin is to apply 2 shades lighter than to your natural skin tone. It looks obviously odd as your skin whiter than to your natural skin tone but in an hours time the make the makeup application will correctly match your skin tone. It’s not about the brand you use its a proper techniques to correct your shades.

Where is your makeup studio located?

RMSA MAKEUP STUDIO LOCATION: Burbank Tower California Garden Square Condominium Libertad St. Mandaluyong ( For appointment only,private makeup studio).

What are the makeup products do you use?

1. Urban decay NAKED 1&2
2. STILA cosmetics
3. MAC cosmetics
4. Chanel
5. Kryolan
7. Maybelline
8. Ben Nye
9. Revlon
10. Loreal
11. Benefits
12. NYX
13. Sleek
14. Fanny Serrano Cosmetics
15. Bobbi Brown cosmetics
16. Smash Box
17. Laura Mercier
18. Charlotte ronson
19. M Makeup store
20. Makeup forever
21. And many more...

What makeup brushes do you use?

1. 29pcs SIGMA brushes extravaganza 18k gold plated collection made in U.S.A
2. 12pcs SIGMA essential kit (color black) made in U.S.A
3. Legallyvain 21pcs brush pro gold ferrule
4. Bobbi Brown travel brush
5. Suesh brush
6. Bodyshop brush
7. STILA brush
8. MAC brush
9. SEPHORA brush
10. Fashion21 brush
11. Marionnaud brush

What if I don’t feel comfortable with your makeup products ,can you use my makeup products instead?

Yes! Definitely.

My skin is sensitive, Any recommended makeup products for me?

Mineral makeup products works for sensitive skin.

How do I know if I have sensitive skin?

When you put makeup on your skin then reaction turn into itchy, redness.

I am not sure what makeup looks I want on my special day. Can you recommend instead?

Yes! I suggest you begin to look a makeup pegs or makeup looks you want. For example you can find various of makeup looks through online, magazines, or you can check my website for hair and makeup looks. Brainstorming with my team hair stylist and makeup artist will help you to identify the look that you wanted.We will help you researching to achieve your makeup looks. We have prepared hair and makeup portfolio on the day of our meeting.

Why do I need to hire professional makeup artist versus low makeup artist or D-Y-I (do it yourself)?

Professional Makeup Artist:
   1. They take up module makeup study
   2. Pro Makeup Artist only used top of the line makeup products.
   3. Had a formal training in School of Makeup Artistry
   4. Are Certified Makeup Artist. They have certificate of completion.
   5. The client gets a makeover experience from an expert

Low Makeup Artist:
   1. Did not take formal training in Makeup School.
   2. No budget for high end makeup products.
   3. Poor knowledge about products and techniques.

D-I-Y (Do it yourself)

• Very stressful on your big day.
• You are unsure what color you used
• You will be too nervous on your wedding day because you are stress on your DIY makeup application. The bride should be pampered all day.
• You spent a lot of money on your wedding supplier then why you skimp out on your face?

What happens on the bridal trial makeup? Why should I need trial makeup? Is the trial makeup is mandatory?

First we will going to discuss about the details of your wedding like your wedding dress, hair dress, flower, theme etc. Second we will discuss what type of hair and makeup you want. We want you look the best on your special day so we highly recommend to try trial makeup so that you will have idea of how the hair and makeup looks like on your special day. During the consultation we will discuss the time frame for each person getting makeup and hair and set up a schedule so things will flow smoothly on the big day. We suggest that our brides/clients bring pictures and magazines with the looks they admire so that our team will do brainstorming. You can change the makeup and hair if you feel that its not appropriate for you. If you were not satisfied on your first makeup trial then we suggest to go for second makeup trial. Special attention to the acidic skin bride to be,debut,clients makeup trial is important to correct your foundation shades. Additional charge applied of hair and makeup second look. On your wedding day, it’s pretty chaotic and fast-paced. There isn’t time to decide if you want smokey eye, black winged eyeliner or vintage makeup. You don’t want to stressed out on your special day ,right?

How far in advance to I need to have my trial?

1 or 2 months in advance. The time between the trial and the wedding day allows us to correct situations like skin acidic, skin sensitive to makeup, major changes on your body, face, and hair.

What if I’m too busy, no time for makeup trial, I am based in overseas. I will be back in Philippines for my wedding date only.

Not to worry we will try to accommodate you. Just make sure you finalize the makeup that you wanted. Don't forget to notify us of any changes of your face, body, wedding dress, hairstyle.

How should I book you in my special events?How do I reserve my date?

• Email me: rizzamae.aganap@yahoo.com or contact me by phone.
• In order to secure your date,we require 50% DP or down payment of all the makeup services
• Once you securely deposit your DP the contract signing will be given to you personally.
• The deposit is non refundable and non transferable.
• Balance must be paid in cash only on the said event.

What is your bank account and personal information details?

Full Name: Rizza Mae S.Aganap
Branch: BPI bank deposit Pedro Gil, Paco, Manila.
Savings account no: 2359-0139-76
Makeup Studio location: Burbank tower 2 unit 17B California Square Garden condominium, Brgy. Highway Hills, Libertad St., Mandaluyong Philippines
email address: rizzamae.aganap@yahoo.com
Mobile Number: +639065052234
Landline: +632 5016014

What is your passport personal information?

If the booking is finalize for hair and makeup service then i will email my passport details.

Do you accept cheques?

Yes! The cheque should clear first. Note that in some instances it takes time before the bank clears the check. After we receive the payment the contract signing will be given to you personally.

Do you accept credit card?

No credit card transaction as for now.
Payment transaction is via
1. bank transfer
2. BPI or bank of philippines island
3. Western Union
4. BDO Remittance
5. Wired Money Transfer

How do I know if I already reserve my date since I am an overseas client?

The scan copy of Terms and Conditions/contract will be send to you via email.

Please send us a copy of deposit slip with your name and event date either scanned or photo through email

Email us makeupbyrizzamaeaganap@gmail.com or rizzamae.aganap@yahoo.com

We will also scan your official receipt after we receive the payment.

How do I know if you are trusted makeup artist?

You can do a search and learn about my profile and background.

Why do you required 50% down payment deposit?

1. To secure your date
2. No downpayment, No contract policy
Sample scenario: The florist, photographer, caterer, etc require a 50% deposit and as wedding supplier it is our policy to do so as well.

My packages include FREE makeup to the groom. Can I transfer the free makeup service to my other guest ?

FREE makeup to the GROOM only. It’s a freebie exclusive for the groom. The groom should be in the same location of the bride. This cannot be traded to other services. Non-transferable make up service.

What time will the make up session starts?

We try to arrange the schedule to ensure the makeup will be at it’s freshest right before the pictures and the big walk down the aisle. Let say 6 hours starts ahead before the pictorial, events ceremony starts. It depends also on the number of member of entourage, call time of your wedding.

Why is airbrush makeup rates is so expensive compared to traditional make up package?

The cost of airbrush guns, compressors, and other airbrush kit with the proper airbrush training is expensive. Not all shades are readily available here Philippines. All items are used ordered from abroad. Airbrush makeup gives the wearer sheer, full coverage. It evens out skin tones and hides dark circles under the eyes. You’ll use less makeup but will achieve a better finish.It lasts longer than regular makeup–sixteen hours being the average–without requiring touch ups and without rubbing off. Your regular foundation is not recommended for use with an airbrush machine.

I have allergies, birthmark, tattoo etc., how can you hide this?

Yes! I have been trained to cover mild to severe skin discolorations and work with sensitive skin types. The makeup products I will choose for you are specifically designed to work for your circumstances. If you have a specific allergy, please contact me so we can ensure your application is safe.

Do I have to sign a contract for makeup services?

Yes! Contracts protects both you and me. It outlines exactly what our obligations are to each other as artist and client so there are no misunderstandings or confusion.

Is it necessary to do a contract agreement to secure my reservations?

It is an excellent way of reassuring your reservation. It is also show that your makeup artist will keep a track of time and other details of the day of the event.

What is vendor contract agreement ?

A bridal contract agreement is a paper that states all the details of the services as well as the payment policy, cancellation policy and total cost of hair and makeup services. This is exchanged between the vendor professional and the bride at the time of booking. The contract will provide the security and an understanding of the nature of the services for both parties.

There are so many makeup artists out there with great sites and impressive resumes and portfolios, why should I hire you?

I am a dedicated professional makeup artist with a high degree of expertise and skills. Trained and certified from a prestigious makeup school in Manila,Philippines. I have an impressive portfolio of my work both printed and on line all to make you feel at ease. Dedication, professionalism,meticulous attention to details are just a few of my attributes. My intention will be to make you beautiful and special. By the way I have a certificate of completion to prove it and my skill and expertise will surely exceed your expectation. Hope to see you on your special event.

Do you accept pencil bookings?

NO. We only finalize a booking once the 50% downpayment has been given

Why do bridal make-up & hair cost a bit more than the expected rate?

Because bridal make-up and hair styling aren't simple. They require people who have trained for the difficult task at hand.

What is the task? It is making the make-up and hair last for at least 12 hours -- despite weather conditions, sweat, tears, and people holding on to the nape of the bride when trying to kiss her (beso-beso).

So when you do hire a make-up artist and a hair stylist, make sure you are getting those who are well aware that the output of their hands can make or break your big day.

on final balances ,do you accept cash or check?

On final balances we only accept CASH.

If you'd like to give cash payments, place each fee in an envelope and label accordingly. Check if the balance is correct (based on the contract) so there will be no problem on the day and you can enjoy the moment with your guests.

Why are you not replying my SMS or text?

I think it's better to have all inquiries and important correspondence via e-mail.

Quick questions can be sent via FB, viber, or imessage, but for everything official, it's still best to email, especially contracts, payments,, and the like.

Why do I need to email the deposit slip?

In connection with e-mailing, please don't forget to e-mail deposit slips as soon as you've deposited.

Your supplier needs that to reserve the slot.

You need the soft copy so you have peace of mind in case you misplace the deposit slip.

Can you discuss the policy of down payment for reservation?

1. NO down payment, NO booking policy.
2. 50 % down payment is required to secured your date event.
3. The full remaining balance shall be paid in CASH only on the day of the of event.
4. 50 % Downpayment is non-refundable and non- transferable.

I dont have scanner. Is it okey to email the deposit slip mobile photo only ?

Please send us a copy of deposit slip either scanned or photo through email.If you will deposit, right after you do, take a photo or scan of the deposit slip. Even if you don't have a data plan and you forget to email the deposit slip to the supplier, on the day, you will definitely have your phone and you will be able to show the supplier your deposit slip.

Of course, it's still better to avoid the hassle and email the deposit slip in advance.

What happen if your team is not available on the said event? Let say something happen like emergency etc?

We are Professional Makeup Artist team. Just in case it happens, we will immediately contact you or your coordinator and inform you about on the situation. We will then provide another replacement professional hair and makeup artist to your wedding or special event

Can I have makeup trial first before I sign the contract ?

Absolutely! We want you to be 100% sure of your decision. Please keep in mind that additional charges for trial hair and makeup apply.

For makeup trial, is the airbrush makeup included?

We offer traditional makeup and hairstyling ( wedding or debutant trial)
If you want to upgrade your makeup service this is upon request.Please keep in mind that additional charges may apply.

Will you take before and after photos at my pre wedding / debut trial?

Yes. Before and After picture's help you to see the difference that makeup and hair can make

I’d like to have two looks for my wedding. One for the ceremony and one for the reception. May I do this?

Of course you may! This can be discussed during your consultation or your trial

Do you have makeup studio or do you travel in my place?

We preferred you to come and visit us in my makeup studio.If you wish for home service we are happy to accommodate you.We offer you the comfort and convenience of setting up at your preferred location.

Is there a travel charge for trial home service?

Yes additional travel fees may apply depends on your location.

I have seen makeup artists who's lower rates than yours. Can I get the same rate with you for my wedding.

My rates are competitive with those makeup artists who reflect my skill, knowledge and experience, and what my clients are currently paying for my professional quality makeup services.

Can you go out of town for solo services only?

YES, indeed! My RMSA MAKEUP ARTISTRY TEAM would like to go different places. However we have minimum requirements.For example Bride + entourage minimum 5 heads and up + out of town fees. A certain out of town fee will apply depending on your location. Client shoulder HMUA team travel expenses,crew meals, and accommodation.

We want to schedule a meeting to discuss our future events.How?

Please contact me via email makeupbyrizzaaganap@gmail.com or rizzamae.aganap@yahoo.com
Search and send us personal message in our Facebook Fan Page > Rizza Mae Aganap Hair and Makeup Artistry
You can visit artist makeup studio located at Mandaluyong area ( for schedule /appointment only)
We can meet you up on coffee shops, halfway

How much is your personal makeup workshop ?

more info http://www.rizzamaeaganap.com/workshop/

Makeup Artist – Rizza Mae Aganap
Mobile: +63906 505 2234

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