Nov 272017


Admittedly , personal makeup workshop is booming business now a days !

Have you ever bought a makeup foundation that was the wrong shade, or wasted makeup product because you didn’t know how to apply it properly?

Attending makeup workshops will save you from these heartaches, and from wasting money.

Have you heard the phrase

“It’s the hand, not the brand” that creates beautiful looks?

Branded cosmetic products makes applying makeup easier, but if you don’t know how to properly use them, you’re throwing a lots of money.

Youtube makeup tutorial isn’t gonna be the only thing you need and it’s not enough. You need to attend basic or personal makeup workshop to enhance your makeup skills to learn on how to apply proper way of makeup.

This beauty workshop or self application makeup workshop is ideal for junior or college students,young professionals,bloggers, mommies, entrepreneurs, junior students, beginners, newbie or just anyone who would like to learn the skills of makeup application for personal use.

It’s intensive 7 hour session -1 day event on how to apply personal makeup, from sanitation, application, and professional tips and tricks.

From lecture, tools and product familiarization, demonstration,hands on, big surprizes and giveaways.

Here’s why you should invest in attending personal makeup workshop:

💄 You’re everyday makeup will level up. From no knowledge to become pro. Most of your friends, colleagues , husband or special someone will immediately notice that 💋

💄It help to enhance your personal appearance

💄You become confident 😘

💄 In case of emergency no makeup artist available, you can do your own makeup confidently and Yassss you can save money, right ?

💄You become familiar with the latest trend of makeup

💄 You are aware of makeup sanitation and what’s do’s and don’t s

💄You become wise consumer 😉

💄 You meet new friends and maybe thinking of becoming pro makeup artist ?!

I hope these tips and tricks help you decide how makeup education of all kinds can help you. 

Rizza Aganap
Makeup Educator

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