Nov 232017

DECEMBER 10, 2017

9:30 -10 A.M Registration / Makeup Shopping / Makeup Haul

10:15 A.M Introduction of the resource speaker /Introduction of attendees

11:00 A.M Introduction to basic makeup tools / sanitation

11:30 A.M Live demo / Skin care 1o1 / How to select foundation for your skin tone, how to apply pre-base, how to blend foundation for a flawless look.

12:30 P.M Create No Makeup look or Natural Makeup Look / I woke up like this beauty look

12:45 P.M solo pictorial shoot

1:00 – 1:30 P.M Brunch / Break time

1: 30 P.M Create Daytime Corporate Makeup Look / Eye make-up techniques, highlighting and contouring, concealing /Application of false lashes

2:30 P.M. Pictorial (Student highlight works)

3 P.M Snacks

3:15 P.M Create Evening look.Turning a professional day look into an evenings look with smokey eyes or dark lips, fitting strip lashes.

4:00 P.M Student pictorial shoot

4:30 Awarding /Group pictorial

5:00PM Closing

Kindly bring the following:

Notebook and Pen
Mobile /Camera for before and after makeup picture taking
Personal Water/Snacks ( Optional)
Moisturizer ( water based )
Serum (optional for very super dry skin )
Cotton balls / cotton pads
cotton buds
Tissue ( dry and wet wipes )
Mixing palette (optional but required to aspiring makeup artist student)
BB cream/tinted moisturizer
Makeup eye and face Primer ( Required )
Concealer (light,medium,dark , to aspiring makeup artist bring 3 shades of color )
Liquid Foundation ( light/ medium/dark)
Powder Foundation ( light/ medium/dark)
Cream Foundation ( light/ medium/dark)
Translucent or loose makeup powder ( light/ medium/dark)
Makeup Powder ( light/ medium/dark)
Makeup brushes ( lip brush,blush brush,medium concealer brush,flat eyeshadow small blending brush,eyebrow brush,powder brush or complete set of professional makeup brushes)
Eyeshadow (preferably neutral color like matte taupe,brown,black)
Eyeshadow shimmer
Pencil Eyeliner (black /brown)
Liquid Eyeliner (black /brown)
Gel eyeliner (black /brown)
Mascara ( black , waterproof )
Mascara brow gel
Lipstick (nude,pink,red,peach)
Lipliner (nude,pink,red)
Blush on (pink,peach,nude)
Lipbalm (lip moisturizer)
Hair clip,head band
Makeup Face Primer
Makeup Eye Primer
Eye lashes curler
Camouflage crème (this is optional for redness acne color green,orange,purple – required for aspiring makeup artist)
Hand Alcohol
Contour Makeup
Highlighter Makeup
Makeup remover
Wet Wipes
False lashes ( natural thin or thick ) with eye lashes glue Bring at least 3 ( Required )
Standee Mini Vanity Mirror ( Required )
Personal Makeup box ( Optional)
Makeup bronzer
Pencil Sharpener
Makeup box organizer

Optional ( Water,snacks )

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